Thursday, June 03, 2004


Marya has a long lean body that photographs beautifully. Her long pale blonde hair is elegant and lovely. There is an Eve-like quality about her and she moves and poses so gracefully. In contrast to Elena she wanted pictures of herself that conveyed more emotion-- wicked, intense, quirky too. Sometime soon the final images will be part of my portfolio and can be found on my website...


Blogger jazzycari* said...

Hi there! This is jazzycari from HK. Just wanna thank you for leaving the msg at my site, that meant a lot to me, really, loadza thx :) Your photography are simply stunning! And I like your paintings a lot, is that a warhol touch?! Anyway, nice to meet you and I hope you could lead a well-lived life too.

Best wishes [in Chinese itz "祝福您" ;)]

11:04 AM  

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