Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baby Got Back

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Yeah, the song we all waited for! Sir Mix a Lot invited women onstage to do some booty shakin'-- and was clear about it too... only the very serious booty shakers need apply! Women of every shape, size and description joined him for a full on wild booty shaking romp.

A lot of hip hop shows start late-- like really late! And I was rushing in at 9pm thinking I'd be late only to see an empty house. So, three hours later, downloading, editing, emailing, snacking, catching up on the news, playing with the cats, a quick trip to the co-op, chatting with friends, yada yada yada...

Of course there were DJ sets etc. but the headlining act, Sir Mix a Lot, finally went on at 12:30am with a stage so full of other rappers that the woman next to me asked if I knew which one he was. I did, but it sure took me a few to figure it out. Just one of those things kind of particular to these kinds of shows. It was raucous and fun but oh so loud. Even Mix a Lot asked for his own mike to be turned down. By the time I left my ears were ringing because I forgot my earplugs tonight! (Hearos, they rock!)


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