Thursday, January 04, 2007

Twisted Xmas

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KWOD's Twisted Xmas show at Arco Arena is always a lot of fun because of the diversity of the artists that you get to see.
Larger than life Gnarls Barkley struts out onto the stage in his pj's, or something that looked very much like that and you can feel the energy in the arena step up a notch. I like this guy and that song Crazy off his St. Elsewhere album just stops me in my tracks everytime I hear it. He even had a foursome of violinists in flannel pj's, robes and furry slippers off to the side.

My Chemical Romance was a stunner too. Seen them several times before but it was clearly apparent what a year can do to the musical maturity of a band. The frontman, Gerard Way, was exciting and he owned the stage.
Sacramento's own, The Secretions-- "We Secrete, You Suck"-- were in rare form on the side stage bathed in white light and joined by two girls in flouncy skirts dancing up a storm. Loads of fun!


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