Monday, October 29, 2007

Greeting's from Lavender Heights

Holy Hallows Eve Batman! Even I could barely imagine the abundance of incredible costumes i would see on Saturday night down on 20th and K Streets, the apex of Lavendar Heights, teeming with people all in fabulous costumes, scary, ourtrageous, beautiful, funny, imaginative-- like wow. Me and my fun girl posse hung out with the massive crowds just looking at and being looked at. And the shoes! Like 12 inch heel platforms of every shape, color, size and style. We got there kinda late so it was last call when we went into one of the clubs but the glory of the dance floor beckons... soon, we oughta all go strut!


Anonymous Gary Reed said...

Hi Charr,

This post is being considered for The Sacramento Bee's roundup of regional blogs, which appears Sunday in Forum.

The Blog Watch column is limited to about 800 words. Blog posts included in the column are often trimmed to fit. The blog's main address will appear in The Bee, and the online copy of the article will contain links to the actual blog post.

If you have questions (or you DON'T want your blog post considered for inclusion in the newspaper column), contact me at

I would also like to use the photo in the blog. If you're interested please e-mail me the photo.

Gary Reed
Forum Editor

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