Friday, September 19, 2008

I've been adopted!

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Funny how this happens! We think we adopt them but I'm here to tell you... THEY adopt US. I was on assignment a couple weeks ago in someone's backyard when I looked down and here was this little kitten, barely two weeks old, eyes still closed walking blindly right up to me. My immediate instinct was to take the baby home, there was no question. The little thing was barely hanging on, very lost and needed immediate attention and medical care. Kristy at Midtown Animal Hospital was kind enough to foster sweet little Leeloo until I could take full time care.
We are all doing well now-- Toby, Leeloo and I. Toby has only taken a mighty swack at the tiny creature once and seems to be chilling out now. I cringe when I see Leeloo trying to play with Toby's massive wagging tail but there's nothing cuter than a kitten in a full sideways run.


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