Thursday, June 10, 2004

Fashion Ennui

Now, about this shoot of the group of models at the ice cream parlor. I call the photo Fashion Ennui cuz that's how they look, bored to tears. Tough shoot. The girls were great, but the make up and stylist stuff was ridiculous. We had the location for three hours and arrived by 7am to set up and test lighting. I had to have the pictures shot and and the equipment broken down by 10am-- the time the ice cream parlour opened for business. By the time the make up and clothes stylist people released the girls I had twenty minutes to shoot and two costume changes and re-posing to deal with. I was none too pleased. I also had to be in Fairfield for a press conference at 11:30-- a full hour drive from where I was and they wanted me to be early. Yikes.
Got it done just over the time slot but the owner was cool, whew! In the last five minutes insanity ensued as people behind the scenes kept yelling out directions to the girls and all I could do was try to talk louder than the others to direct the girls. Kevin says he's buying a bullhorn for the next shoot. Good idea Kev!


Blogger karin said...

That picture is awesome, so 80s! I can just imagine you with a bullhorn!

5:12 PM  

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