Thursday, August 12, 2004

Shinedown Drummer

Shinedown Drummer
Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Wow, the Shinedown drummer kicking ass. The stage show started in strobe mode, which made exposures a nightmare for me (and the other photogs) and then it seemed to change again every two seconds. Tough one. It stabilized after a time but let me tell you, it took a bit to get a handle on it. Yes, only other photographers will care about my lighting and exposure issues but I felt the need to vent. :)


Anonymous Bridget said...

I absolutely LOOOOOVVVVEEE the beat in "stranger inside", I know that I could listen to that song about 100 times a day just because of the drums and I also love it in "Second Chance". It gives me freakin chills everytime I listen to it. It has really made me interested in trying to learn the drums. YOU ROCK!!!!

12:14 PM  

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