Friday, October 08, 2004

Hula hooping for Frankenfurter

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
The simple things in life we take for granted... that we can hula hoop. Well, yeah I could do that when I was a kid, but try it now and I'm lost and goofy looking. Imagine all the things one has to learn to do well to take on an acting job-- Hula Hoops! This guy had it nailed!
There are about 30 people in this cast including a crew of ushers that stay back mainly in the audience and provide an extra litle something. Watching movies I guess I often take the entertainment factor for granted. It's just all there telling a story and we sit back and relax and let it all unfold. Of course we root for the star or bemoan the bad guy etc. but when you stop and take a different point of view of the entirety of a thing you realize that no part, however big or small, is unimportant. Each part is critical to the staging of a performance. Yeah, I get a bit philosophical now and then... :)


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