Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Getta look at those choppers!

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Spent the past weekend photographing all things dental for one of my favorite clients. I've been to this dental trade show several times now and am always fascinated with the x-rays of teeth. They just look so interesting to me!
Maybe the main reason I am posting this is to show the diversity of things I get to see and photograph. Most of the time it seems like it would be boring to the average person, but it isn't to me at all!
One of the workshops I went to was all about oral surgery and it was hands-on. The workshoppers were working on pig mandibles! This was a class I REALLY wanted to shoot too! Seriously. But worthy of mention-- the room had a distinct aroma-- unpleasant. Every student, and there were about thirty or more of them, had their own pig mandible to work on too. Looking at the teeth alone you could hardly tell they were pig teeth, they look so much like human teeth.


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I was there and it smelled like bacon.

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