Saturday, January 27, 2007

Portrait of Tom Zutaut

Tom Zutaut was a gifted child tuba player. Years later he would be come a gifted muse for creative people, inspiring musicicans to take their talents to the next level, then leading them to the global level. Today he put himself in my hands to do what I do. One thing that has been coming up again and again for me lately... "the experience". Not the kind of experience of being good at what you do. The kind that you have in the moment. Are you having fun? Do you feel joy, happiness, calm, release, contentment, do you feel safe, cheerful, appreciated? What I do is so much about the experience. And as I stepped back and watched Tom during out shoot it wasn't just his experience I realized, it was mine too. Sometimes you forget that!


Anonymous Sara Flate said...

I'm looking for Tom's contact information. If you can help me out please e-mail me at


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