Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life is Art, Live it Luscious

That's the new tag line for my Live it Luscious Portrait Series. I've had in mind for sometime to create a portrait series based on a more painterly appearance-- and have done many so far all leading up to this soon-to-happen-launch. This photograph is from a set of images of a wonderful young couple I photographed yesterday. I've been so busy doing events and more corporate kinds of things lately I almost forgot how satisfying a studio portrait session can be... and I tried out my new lights, which just changed everything and brought me right back to my roots in how I like to light people and allows a lot more freedom in my approach! Interestingly enough this image was the very last frame from the shoot, which spanned all kinds of interesting directions, mostly edgy, often sexy and nearly always beautiful.


Anonymous Clifford said...

I love the smoky sultriness of this picture. It's fantastic!- Clifford

11:42 AM  

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