Monday, February 12, 2007

24 hours

The last 24 hours has been filled with all manner of messiness and lot's of fun... I've braved a snow storm through the mountains and slid through rural mud on a cow quest, lost a few bucks in a casino and choked laughing at a stand-up comedy show. The worst part of it is my car, considering what I drove through in the last 24 hours-- rain, snow, mud, pasture-- ahem-- if you know what I mean.
It started with a trip to Reno, Nevada to shoot an exhibition event for the USBC (United States Bowling Congress)-- the best bowlers in the world in fact! It's a good thing I added two hours to the trip because sure enough it was chain weather and just a blanket of white for the better part of the trip. Breathtakingly beautiful though!

One of the world renown bowlers I met is Jim Cripps aka "The Backwards Bowler" who is from Tennessee. One day about six years ago while bowling with a buddy, and not doing so well, his buddy suggests that Jim could bowl just as well if he did it backwards. And he made a bet on it. Any ball in the pro shop if Jim could bowl a 150 game. Jim did it and so began a career... :) He's really amazing, throwing strike after strike!

This afternoon I shot photos at a dairy in Galt for a story about cow poop and methane-- A very good thing! Cows are strange creatures and as skittish as they are curious. I stood at the edge of a fence at the dairy and suddenly dozens of the cows are running and sliding too, through the thickest mud I ever saw-- all in a determined effort to get to me-- just being curious... but if I made any sudden move they would jerk back in fear, then tentatively come close again-- jostling each other trying to get close, get a peek, see what's going on! A few tried to lick my lens too. :)

There were so many of these cows each with yellow tags hanging from each ear and each cow had a name-- examples-- Bond, Landlord, Fantasy, Newton, Abe, Kolombo, Ace, Stormin No, Lucky Mike...


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