Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who's the fairiest of them all?

I'm having fun with some wild imaginings about the fairy world-- frolicking or lurking-- it's all happening for them and I intend to expose it all by the time I'm finished... :) These were created today.
I also took a walk around the neighborhood today looking for beautiful flowers and trees, leaves and lovely fairy-like environments and photographed quite a few. For the fairies I'm using some images from portraits I've already shot but on the lookout for new models too.
The plan is to give them all names, each one representing something particular about life and love and the remarkably varied experiences of our world.


Blogger Writewords said...

Hi Char,

It's Chris' mother! Thank you for your wonderful gift of my family's photos at Michael Goslow's art show.
Your fairy photo is fabulous. It reminds me of the great play, Midsummer's Night's Dream, that I saw last night (opening night) at the Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek --full of middle-aged, opulent, sassy, off-the-wall fairies with an attitude. I'd love to see your photos of them. Margaret

8:55 AM  

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