Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shakira at Arco Arena, Sacramento
Hot, Dazzling, Shimmering, Sweet, Sexy, Dynamic. Shakira in concert at Arco Arena last night was absolutely wonderful. The arena swelled with anticipation the second the lights went down signaling her arrival. Then there she was, walking slowly through the crowd in a beautiful pink dress, singing sweetly, mike in hand. Suddenly a wall of raised arms and cell phones began trying to capture a glimpse of the beautiful Shakira anyway they could. Meanwhile, the photographers, myself included were jockeying for position to get a few photos even with our powerful lenses aimed right at her. Challenging but still exciting. Shakira can warm even the iciest heart with her wonderful voice and her boundless energy as she walks, jumps, runs and dances completely filling the enormous stage with a power and a spirit that shows why she's a luminescent star.
Gallery up soon!


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