Sunday, June 13, 2004


Went to a fantastic show today at Raley Field-- the Hullabaloo concert put on by 101.1 fm-- hired to shoot Gary Puckett for his hometown paper in Minneapolis that is doing a feature on him. It started out with Beatlemania, then the Crystals and The Kingsmen, Gary Puckett of course, BJ Thomas and capping it off was the Blood Sweat and Tears man himself David Clayton Thomas.
This is a picture of me and BJ Thomas before his performance while backstage. I don't think he quite got the concept. An interesting tidbit-- another very cool man I met, Ken, was wanting to take a picture of BJ and BJ says "c'mere Red" and pulls me over to be in the photo with him... twice... chances are those are better pics but I continue the series "101 horrible photos of myself with famous people" nonetheless. (and in this case the unfortunate lack of much needed lipstick!)
Gary Puckett got it... he was a doll! And huggy too!
Remember Louie Louie? Well here's me and the lead singer from that group-- The Kingsmen. This is the one photo I didn't shoot.
Then I met some other very interesting people along the way-- how about these two girls who had their chests autographed with a sharpee. And I quote-- "I have no idea who they were but I gave them the pen and let'em go to town!" She is sure they were band members though-- which band is the question and there were many! (Upon closer inspection the band was "The Kingsmen". One of the kind bandmembers wrote that across each chest.)
During BJ Thomas, another killer performance, this woman and her man came up to get a pic of her in front of BJ.. but the security guard was telling her to stay low... so what does she do? See photo and see. It worked too! I happened to catch it at the precise moment the man's flash went off. That's BJ onstage in the background.
So, here is one pic from the show of Blood Sweat and Tears-- man they were great! I was totally lucky. I had a backstage pass so I went back and forth for the right angles, for candid stuff and to meet and greet etc. but there was a front row seat that somehow remained mine for the entire show, whenever I wanted to be out front there it was. Soon it just became understood that it was mine. Thank you! It was a great spot.


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