Saturday, August 21, 2004

Patti Smith

Patti Smith
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Patti Smith, a rock and roll legend in many ways, performed at The Empire last night. She's a remarkable songwriter and artist/poet. In fact, Gilda Radner did a takeoff on Patti Smith on Saturday Night Live as "Candy Slice," a rock singer who belched and spit her way through a song before collapsing on the stage in a heap. She was also a close friend and roommate of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Smith was wonderful on stage last night (and didn't spit even once... ;).
The promoter let me know somewhere mid-show that there were certain restrictions. First he was told no pro photogs at all but when he explained we were the house photographers her people acquiesced. Ok, we could shoot from the sides only, not upfront or up close, and only during the second song. Hmmmm, well, since we were about five songs into the show by then I figured oh well, headed up to the balcony, shot some stage overalls and enjoyed the show.
This photo was shot during the second song... She had such a welcoming and appreciative manner as she stood on that stage. She has masculine features, a bit of a mustache, her hair hung loosely in a tangle and her clothes were weathered and sagging on her thin frame-- but she was truly beautiful. The kind of beauty that permeates a being, and invites you in to bask for awhile.


Blogger Gyasi said...

I think this is just gorgeous and poo-poo to whomever commented on your honesty. Our job is to show what truly is, and regardless of the subject there is going to be beauty, sadness, humanity. It is in our imperfections that we find our gifts - so you go girl. Love your new pictures. I think it's so exciting that you have found this new avenue.

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