Sunday, January 16, 2005

Oh Lord, Restricted

You hear me talk about photo restrictions all the time because they are a daily part of my work life and quite a frustration too. You learn to live with it. Tonight I was assigned to shoot the Lord of the Dance show at The Community Center for eMusiConnect. This is interesting. I had a very hard time finding the contact info for the company putting on the show and went a very roundabout way of getting a message to them. They don't seem to publish their phone number. A darling young woman called me, took my information and got it to another person who later called me with the approval and contact info for the person in charge traveling with the production. I arrived there tonight, pleasantly greeted at the stage entrance by this contact and the show promoter.
What was of particular interest to me was that they couldn't remember a time an outside photographer was allowed to shoot this show, or most of the others they had toured with. I think they were genuinely surprised I had the ok. One catch. I had to sign a paper saying the pics would only be published by the client I was shooting for and that includes even my own personal web site of any kind, blog too. It also said no artwork could be created out of any of the images. Wow.
The photo restriction this time was to pick a spot, but not in front-- and for just the first eight minutes. High marks go to the promoter who stayed by my side as I shot... unwittingly he let me stay far longer than he should have I am sure... closer to 20+ minutes really.
The bottom line is this: I can't publish, web or otherwise, any photos from this show, so you can't see even a taste. As soon as the images are up in the web gallery at I will publish the link. I know you are all so very excited and curious.. ;) For the record, from what I saw it is a lovely show, well danced, beautifully lit, colorful, sparkly and dramatic too.


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Michael Flatley in tights! Bring it!

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