Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mikuni Madness!

geishaMikuni's hosted an enormous charity event at The Empire tonight, which included feasting for all the senses. Paula Barkely and daughter Tabatha went to work creating a painted Geisha. It took several hours to create the amazing living art piece out of Joanna, their patient model. The hair and upper body make up was done in the dressing room but the final touches were done onstage for the whole club to witness. The colors and details were so beautiful and delicate.
Vau de Vire performed amazing acrobatics above the crowd and riveted everyone. They are from San Francisco and call themselves "A sub-culture community of beautiful circus performers". Quite accurate! I was dazzled and delighted!

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Taro, the man of the hour! He just beamed all night. The Empire was filled with people all munching an abundance of sushi and appetizers carried by servers who had to carefully wind their way through, no small feat. It was wall to wall people!

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The decor was colorful and abundant, with these gorgeous lanterns outside, glitttering ice sculptures inside and dozens of paper lanterns. We could barely walk through the place but sometimes that just makes life fun. There were limos arriving every five minutes, I swear I saw at least one Sacramento Kings player, and as many times as I have been at The Empire i don't think I ever saw it so beautifully done up. Whoever did the party planniing on this one deserves a big round of applause!


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