Sunday, July 12, 2009

American Idols

I loved American Idol on TV this season. I marveled at the brazen cheekiness of the off-key wannabe's who had a dream and a spark of hope. I delighted at the cream that rose to the top and voted for my faves with everyone else. Last week the tour came to Sacramento and I sat down with four of them for a chat-- on video-- for emusiconnect.
Kris, Danny, Scott and Matt were great to chat with (and I toyed with the idea of calling the piece "Giggling and chatting..." because you can hear me, yikes).
Watch the video and check out the live concert pictures in the gallery at eMusiConnect.
The show was great. The crowd chanting "Noop Noop Noop", Allison, the teenage powerhouse belting it out, Matt and Scott rising from below stage with dueling pianos, Lil strutting and electrifying and so much more. Adam sang his incredible version of Mad World and Kris, the winner, showed why he won. He has a great style but when he picked up his guitar he started to glow and all the passion and joy inside him poured out in an audible, visual gush. It's good to be in the photo pit. :)
It's not the easy way as Kris told me. They work their ass off. But it's the experience of a lifetime for these folks.


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