Monday, October 25, 2010

Heart Throb Justin Bieber at Arco Arena
Justin Bieber! OMG!!! Thank you Steve, my security guard friend, who gave me a pair of ear plugs to help drown out the screams of the thousands of girls at Arco Arena for their favorite teenage heartthrob-- Justin Bieber! He's awesome, he's fun, he puts on a show! Gallery of performance photos up soon at Not to be left out was a striking performance by opening band Burnham. Also, Sean Kingston, really impressed me with his laid back manner and great vocals.
I got to the show early just to wander the crowd a bit and shot pics of excited fans on their way in. See them HERE as a well as a few fan photos from inside the arena.


Anonymous Sacramento maid service said...

Justin Beiber, new in the music industry but has immediately generated a lot of following. Very popular with teenagers. I haven't heard any of his songs but he is almost always in the entertainment news.

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