Sunday, June 20, 2004

Brand X Savior, Bottom

Went out to The Boardwalk last night to see Brand X Savior perform and it was great. There was a sizeable crowd too! The band took control of the stage and wailed. Everyone really worked it, put on a great show and were musically strong. The lead singer Jason prowled the stage and sang hard! They have been nominated for a Sammie too! Go Brand X Savior!
It's surprising how many bands get onstage, do their thing and get offstage without a word. These guys really engaged the crowd.
The second band was a trio of women-- Bottom-- loud, screaming, intense. The bass player was just fun to watch because she was flinging her burgundy red hair and smiling so big the entire time... having so much fun!!

I also took part in a Miller vs Budweiser taste test. millergirls-1
These are the nice girls who administered the "scientifc survey". First I looked at the color, then experienced the aroma, then tasted the beer. Miller won both the sight and smell portion but I went for the Bud in the taste sampling surprisingly. But then I am a lightweight and like a lighter flavor. I asked how the results were going overall and one of the girls told me it's been about 50/50. Interesting. Oh, and thanks for the rabbit ears guys!
They had this odd little computer printer camera all rolled into one and at the end of the test took my photo with Kevin and Mike and made me a "I'm voting for Miller" wearable button, which I did not wear. Some cute young guy put himself right behind us dead center and got in the photo too. I didn't know it till I got the button. Funny.


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