Saturday, August 21, 2004

A rocker thing

rocker thing
Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
So, what is this anyway? This devil horns, goat horns thing? What does it symbolize exactly? People I see and photograph at the metal shows do it ALL THE TIME. Does anyone actually know what it means specifically? Just curious....


Blogger Heather said...

Does any one really know? *shrugs*....I see it all the time too...and all my "gigs" are Christian artists...I'm not quite sure of the meaning behind it...I doubt that all these kids and musicians I see at these Christian events are doing a "devil horn" thing...perhaps just "rock on"?? who knows?? *shrugs* reminds me of a Thousand Foot Krutch song "THROW UP YA RAWK FIST IF YA FEELIN IT WHEN I DROP THIS!"

12:03 AM  

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