Thursday, September 23, 2004

Raley Field

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Willie Nelson performed at Raley Field tonight to kick off the Rib Fest. I needed to get an "atmospheric" shot of the venue and this seems to do it... it shows off the Sacramento skyline-- yes, we have a skyline ;)-- and just looks pretty. The place was nearly full. they did have a bit of trouble down front early on because the VIP section, where people had paid up to $125 per reserved seat, had some serious obstruction for those in the corner seats. One concerned ticket holder got to the stage and convinced one of the roadies to solve the problem by moving the offending equipment boxes out of the way so they could see Willie perform! For a moment there I thought the roadie might blow him off but he didn't. He took charge, talked to the lead dog, made it happen and made a lot of people very happy in the process.
I met a super girl (also shooting pics) that works for the venue who took me along with her to the control booth and one of the suites for a couple of different views too.


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