Monday, September 13, 2004

San Francisco View

San Francisco View
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An interesting aside... I was in SF for a gigantic conference over the weekend and this is the view from my room. I couldn't help but think of Mark Twain repeatedly-- "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco." Truth is the weather was unusually spectacular for the most part, though it did get quite cold at night. The view at left is the night I checked in, the view at right is the morning I checked out. The fog burned off quickly so our farewell jaunt around town was lovely. Walking around SF is so cool. We encountered this interesting guy who makes copper wire sculptures and sells them on the street. Obviously a bit down on his luck but he's found a way to make real art out of wire that is only going to be thrown away. We took the time to stop and talk to him, then he began making something for us and soon there was an enthusiastic crowd gathered. I hope he made lots of money! Between the two of us we bought several things and I would have photographed him but I had decided to set the camera down for the day and didn't even have it with me. I need a tiny pocket digital now! Sheesh, It's always something!


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