Monday, September 13, 2004

Impazdor Dali

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
People are just different in San Francisco.
I went to this amazing reception at the MOMA Saturday night and one of the perks of being there-- in addition to the free run of the museum exhibit with mind-boggling works by Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Rauschenberg, Mondrian and Miro to name just a few, the delicious food and a talented, melodic musical group performing memorable world beat/reggae/jazz/fusion music-- was this incredible caricaturist who titled himself Impazdor Dali. He had quite a schtick and a computer station set up in the corner where he would shoot a quick digital image of you and them make some kind of wacky art on the computer out of it. You never knew where he would go with it and the images were totally wild and fun when he was finished. He did a cute one of me, but his printer had broken down so he promised to email it. If and when I get it I will be posting it here!


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