Sunday, September 05, 2004

Key to Arson

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Key to Arson headlined this show and were definitely a powerhouse on stage. They are all Sacramento natives and have opened for acts like Kid Rock and Lit so they are definitely on their way up the rock and roll food chain. The lead singer is a tiny thing wearing tiny clothes. This is only significant because his tiny butt crack showed even without bending over. So damn cute!
The show was running long so everyone's set got cut. According to the stage manager Key to Arson may not have been too thrilled but they were so professional in the negotiation that he gave them an extra five minutes and was impressed that they played their set to the second!
They also had the largest assortment of girlfriends/groupies I've seen backstage recently. I don't meant to disparage anyone at all. One of the girls was darling-- the girlfriend of the bassist-- cute, nice and helpful as could be.


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