Sunday, February 06, 2005

Model A and the fantastic light show

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Shot band publicity pics for Model A today and John Sonderegger of Rainbow Prism Atomic Lightshow provided the lighting effects. Wowie! I'm already a kaleidescope, psychedelia, tie dye fanatic so I was in eye candy heaven. Sonderegger been working at this and developing his techniques since the 60's and there is just no end to the gorgeous patterns and colorful liquid effects that make amazingly vivid displays. Shooting it is no small feat however. Tricky tricky tricky. Still, we got some beautiful pics and the band was wonderful to work with!
Model A has been working with Sonderegger for some time now and use the lightshow during performances. They'll be going on a tour soon but if you can catch them before they do you're in for both a musical and visual treat.


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im gld u enjoyed my twiglight zone post!
i hope to see u again around my site

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