Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Then she cried...

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Amanda Palmer, pianist and vocals for the Dresden Dolls caught me by surprise when I began to see the tears streaming down her cheeks during a moving performance at Harlow's last week. They played to a sold-out crowd, many of whom were dressed like Amanda and her drummer partner Brian Viglione. Palmer is partial to striped leggings. Viglione sports a derby. One really interesting thing about Palmer is her eyebrows. They are shaved off but she has the coolest patterns drawn in black that at first glance look like a simple criss-cross, but are really quite delicate overlapping soft swirls. I can't tell if they were painted on or tattooed on. Either way they were quite original and if I were tattoo inclined I would think that a very cool idea!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her eyebrows are just done in liquid eyeliner incase you didn't know yet. ^_^ Glad to hear you like them. I love the dresden dolls.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Amanda Palmer still has the soul..she's the only real person in the "glamor" I've ever seen
i love you amanda

9:50 AM  

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