Monday, June 13, 2005

Social Distortion back in town

Social Distortion back in town
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Social Distortion made it back into town last week and played a great show at the UC Davis Pavillion. Late in the set a skinny shirtless guy came out of nowhere running across the stage and got right in Mike Ness's face, literally causing him to skip a word or two in his song. The guy then launched himself into the crowd like he was going off the high dive, never to be seen again. There was a whole lotta surfin' going on too. One of the security guards said that when Mike came out earlier in the day during a sound check he insisted that the barrier between the fans and the stage had to be narrowed or he would refuse to go on. Security complied of course, and it was narrow indeed. We could just barely squeeze through. A couple of times I had to duck under the stage to get away from fans coming over the rail, all flailing arms and legs.


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