Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Threading Over Dark, gore and more

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There's a new movie in town called Threading Over Dark and today was the first day of shooting. Somewhere in Sacramento, on a seemingly mild-mannered street, is a group of independent filmakers absolutely giddy over the gore that they will bring to life on the big screen. I looked over the script, and winced too many times! This movie is loosely based on a true story and this particular director has made it a goal to do it right, do it realistically with no movie-making behemoth overlord able to put the kabash on his vision.

In this photo the director, Greg Stechman, goes over script details with "Amanda", before filming a tricky bath scene that ultimately includes a significant amount of blood.
They have a million dollar budget, an enthusiastic cast, experienced technical support, a hands-on director with passion and a wonderful producer, Todd Gearou, who on this day even cooked a giant casserole lunch (a special family recipe) for the cast and crew.
The amusing part for me was watching how excited everyone got by just how gross it will all be. I'm one of those people in a theatre audience who will watch the bloody and violent stuff through the haze of fingers over my eyes. But when I saw the bizarre concoctions the special effects person, Christa Bella, was putting together for a particular scene-- green tea, blackberry jello, loofah, tissue, string, a vast array of food color dyes and such it took some of the scary edge off. However, viewing the rushes on the monitor, it sure looks real!
There will be much much more to report on this so stay tuned! There is a good chance what I do write will end up on Moonlighting, my other blog that has been sadly left unattended for far too long.


Blogger Devin said...

Hey! Glad I found your blog! This Threading Over Dark thing looks pretty good. My buddy is building the website for them and I'm digging the look of the thing.

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