Sunday, October 31, 2004

The F***ing Wood Nymph

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
K, walking down the oddly quiet street towards the Halloween party Saturday night, went as a fairy-- or as he preferred to call himself "a f***ing wood nymph". Within moments of the wood nymph arriving at the party a guy came up to him and said with his eyebrows raised "Dude, that's a bold statement." We took third place in the costume contest (we actually shared the prize). He really did look hilarious and colorful-- and he played it to the hilt all night long. In fact he had the line of the night... A wonderful woman, an actress in a children's theatre group was performing Shakespearean monologues. At the end of one particularly long and amusing one K breaks the pause with "The wood nymph has a hard on", at which point the actress bolts to her right in mock horror as the room erupted in laughter.


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