Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hellooo Dolly!

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"Like no one ever thought of that before" K told me when I said I already knew the headline for this blog entry. Yup. Turns out it's called "Hello I'm Dolly" AND the show starts out with her band playing a lively rendition of the song "Hello Dolly" while pictures of her growing up, album covers and lively studio pics of her in wild costumes fade in and out on the big screens high above the stage. Suddenly she appears in the spotlight wearing this glittery one piece outfit, a fluffy ostrich feather fan like something out of a burlesque show and a matching feather headpiece to top it all off.
Dolly is chatty too. Between each song she has LOTS to say, usually telling the story behind the song she's about to sing. She's charming, sweet and scripted. I know because I saw the monitor (gigantic type) just behind me at the sound board, which is where we had to shoot from. Wish I had been at the meet and greet where I am told she was equally chatty!
We got to stay a bit longer just to sit back and enjoy the show though. Dolly sang a song called Little Sparrow accompanied by a lone fiddle. The fiddle faded out for a short time leaving only her voice to fill the air and it was exquisite.


Blogger Rex Venom said...

Oh! Dolly Boobies! Excellent. Have fun and keep up the Interesting People Pics.

5:07 AM  
Blogger Kitten said...

I want to BE you!!!

You have my dream job...great work!!!!

9:21 AM  
Blogger Falling Petals said...

Re: Rex Venom.....not only is he a Smart Cookie..(on and off the blog)....but he is a Great Kisser as much of a fan as you may be...I would have to say I am his biggest fan!!..(I hope that didn't sound bitchy? was not meant to be) I'll let you and karin fight over the number 2 spot..heeheehee!!

ps.....I enjoy your blog.....Great Pictures!!!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Falling Petals said...

He's gonna kill me for ruining his blog facade..haha!not that he is not who he seems,
he is totally like that in real life, but now he may lose all of his blog honeys..(haha!!)
but to answer your question
Soft, Sweet, Sexy, Passionate, Amazing....WOW!!!!
that's what it's like to kiss him.

Thanks for your blog should just go in the middle of a dance floor and dance like Elaine from's very funny to watch peoples reactions....who cares what people long as you are having fun and you're not hurting anyone.
(so no break dancing..heehee!!)
You only live may as well make the most of it!!
Happy Holidays

8:30 PM  

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