Sunday, December 05, 2004


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The big surprise of the night was an appearance by the spectacular Gwen Stefani who absolutely stole the show. Her three song set opened with a marching band drumline in full regalia followed by the appearance of wickedly talented dancers, her Harajuku girls, doing cutting edge dance routines. Harajuku, according to one website I found is defined it as a "strange mixture of Hello Kitty, hip-hop and the infamous British punk." The entire set was fast-paced and riveting to watch. Stefani is a powerhouse performer who put on a show that thrilled all who were there. Stefani has been showing up as the special guest to the radio shows, probably to promote her new album. It was a secret kept fairly well under wraps. I only learned about it from someone working at the arena minutes after I arrived. See more of my show pics here.


Blogger Grumblecat said...

I find the choice she made to outfit her dancers like Harajuku girls fascinating. I came across some wonderful photos some time ago and have had a fascination with the practice since then.

As wild and colorful as the photos of her and her dancers are they still don't fully do justice to the spectacle that goes on weekly in the Harajuku shopping district I guess.

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