Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Monumental Bosom

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
There are some who may think it's just rude of me to point out that Dolly Parton has a monumental bosom above the tiniest waist. However it is indeed worth mentioning.
As I watched her perform so many things went through my head, oddly relating it to how people find their way in this world. Dolly came from the poorest of the poor in an unsophisticated world yet somehow something clicked just right about her and made her a superstar. She is beautiful, has the sweetest voice with a delicate trill that she can control so well. She also has a brilliant mind, which allows her to find the perfect words to tell her stories in tunes so lovely. Somehow she found her way and I wondered as I listened to her sing how many other people out there are filled with musical skill and talent that may never stand on a stage and sing for people like she can. You know thay are out there... but I am certainly glad Dolly found her way through life to stand on that stage tonight.


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