Friday, December 10, 2004

Jacoby Shaddix

Jacoby Shaddix
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Jacoby Shaddix, frontman for Papa Roach, is a dynamic force onstage. Thousands of hands were in the air as they performed, and as the lights passed over them from time to time it was almost an unbelievable sight. It's not like I haven't seen that before, but it's beautiful... the warm tones of the waving hands and arms, highlights glistening, people reaching out to touch something they adore... and the music going going going.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to a concert of papa roach in san diego.. it's the best thing.. you forget everything when you are listening to them... and it's just unbelievable how everyone starts jumping and screaming.. the best fuckn day of my life.. papa roach kick ass

5:42 PM  
Blogger Olivia said...

Jacoby is AWESOME! Those concerts are AMAZING! I love how much energy he brings on the stage! he REALY connects with the fans! The PRoach concert was the best one i EVER went to!!!!!

2:11 PM  

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