Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just a sliver of light is all you need...

Shot pics a few days ago of Brian Wheat with his Hofner Bass and this one image just struck me as being so unusual with the sliver of light quality. It was pretty cool on it's own but then I continued-- being the kaleidescope nut that I am-- and went a bit further. This is the simplest technique but it has so much impact. I'm enjoying the color scheme as well. It feels deep and warm.
I discovered something about myself recently. Now and then someone will ask what my favorite color is. I invariably think of red, tourquoise, magenta and such. But it turns out that what I am actually drawn to more than anything these days is green, all kinds of lush, delicious greens. The second I see a beautiful green I'm drawn right to it and want to touch it, feel the texture, drink it in with my eyes too. It's funny too because long ago I remember a friend telling me his favorite color was green and I thought-- why? I didn't get it at all then. Now I do, most dramatically.


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