Thursday, December 22, 2005

The countdown is on!


Joy to the world from sunny, uh, wet and rainy Sacramento California! It's been wet all day but there is nothing like listening to the rain outside when you are cozy safe and warm inside. I love the rain, the smell of it, the look of it, the feel of it. And it's as close as we are going to get to snow around here. :)
This photo is of the official christmas tree outside of the State Capitol in Sacramento and you can even see the building reflected in the giant silver ornament. Govenor Arnold and his lovely wife Maria Shriver were there with all pomp and circumstance for the official tree lighting last week. Note these bulbs-- they look ordinary enough but they are led lights donated by SMUD. Quite twinkly pretty, use MUCH less electricity than regular lights and this is the first year the've been used on the state tree-- new technology making an appearance. Over the ten weeks the tree will be lit for many hours each night they will save somewhere over 75% of the electricity normal tree lights would use.

Happy Holidays everybody!


Blogger Trish said...

Happy Holidays to you, too, Charr! I hope 2006 brings you nothing but good things :)

4:47 AM  

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