Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Paul shoots Charr shooting Peja
Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Here I am photographing Peja Stojakovich who is posing for a series of Paradyme ads I had the honor to shoot. It so happens that The Sacramento Bee did a story on the new alliance-- Peja and Paradyme-- and sent staffer Paul Kitagaki to document the ad shoot. Little did he know I would be there as one of his subjects. I used to work with Paul (a fantastic photographer) so it was wonderful seeing him... I was in the groove shooting and forgot he was there until I get up on the bed for the perfect angle and I hear "Oh man, I gotta shoot this!" and then a million shutter clicks later here it is. It's running with another story in tomorrow's paper about the concern Paradyme has about the ad campaign now that Peja has expressed a desire to leave the Kings.


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wow, sexy!

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