Wednesday, September 01, 2004


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The coolest thing, and the real reason for this picture, is that they had a sign-language interpreter there for any hearing impaired folk in the audience. He's the guy on the far right. Ozomatli played the main stage of the fair and was amazing. They had a gigantic crowd, dancing, undulating bodies everywhere, and the bandmembers were so musically impressive. The music was a mix of latin, rock, hip-hop and world beat cleverly melodic and rich. I counted ten people performing on stage. They had so much energy that half the time their feet didn't even seem to touch the ground. One of the percussionists kept throwing a gourd instrument through the air and catching it, so skillfully it seemed like an extention of his being. I wish I could dance as well as those guys too! The trombone player got most of my attention because he was so happy, so into the movement of the music-- his footwork was riveting to me. They ended the show by parading deep into the audience, playing all the while. Wow.


Blogger gaias_inghean said...

VERY cool! I'm in school to become a Sign Language Interpreter and performance is one area I hope to focus. Do you know sign? There are a lot of great performances in the area I live that are interpreted. Coming up soon - "The Best of Broadway". A few of my friends are interpreting. I can't wait to go see it!

GREAT picture! ^_^

8:28 AM  
Blogger mattyboy said...

Having just watched their Live at Fillmore DVD, Sheff, their trombone player should NOT dance. I'd tell him to turn it down to about 7, he dances at 11 and looks ridiculous IMO.


6:38 AM  

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