Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Empire Interior

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So this is what a sold out show looks like! This picture was taken just after the headlining band Social Distortion left the stage and the house lights went on. I have been in this venue so many times now but I never saw a crowd this big. The building capacity is 872. Who wants to count the number of people in this photo? Go on, I dare you!
Social Distortion put out their first album in 1983. According to Lars they have been around for 25 years and he would know. I was looking forward to shooting them!
So, I sweetly introduced myself to the tour manager as one of the house photographers... You'd have thought I'd asked him if I could sing the first number with the guys. He was rabid! "NO PHOTOS, no video, no recordings of any kind! If I even SEE a camera (as he stared at the one slung over my shoulder) I'll take it away!" With that loud and terse statement he turned and left. Buh bye.
We skedaddled to the balcony...
I will add this though. Social Distortion did a fantastic cover of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. Wow. Loved it!


Blogger karin said...

hello, let's have a hullaballoo! I was at the fabric store with Kim and she said "Charr would love these. Charr is a pursey, pursey, pursey girl."

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