Tuesday, November 30, 2004


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C.J. Pierce of Drowning Pool gets fierce on guitar during their recent show at The Boardwalk. He has a beautiful redheaded girlfriend too, who's birthday it was so they had everyone in the club wish her a happy birthday so he could get lucky... ;)
Last time I saw Drowning Pool was at The Empire-- and I did a fun set of self-portraits with each one of the guys-- so I just had to go and get them to sign one for me!
A very down to earth group of guys. The next day was Thanksgiving and they had the day off but had to be in Los Angeles, far too far from family, despite lot's of effort on one band members part to get back home if only for the day. The new plan would be food and football. I guess that's one consistent thing about the holiday. "Go Cowboy's" said bassist Steve Benton repeatedly.


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