Thursday, November 11, 2004

Juliette Lewis and the Licks rock Orangevale

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Juliette Lewis, the wonderful and slightly quirky actress, made a decision to create a rock and roll band with herself as the frontman. Wowie! Juliette and the Licks performed at The Boardwalk a few nights ago and it was great fun fun fun, intensely rocking and a gigantic surprise just how great a band it is-- and the songs are great too, all originals. After the show Juliette came out to meet people, sign CD's and posters and hammed it up with one person after another till the bus was nearly ready to take off without her! When I finally got to talk to her she mentioned my "fabulous Pucci" top, having noticed it while she was on stage. How cool is that?
One thing that impressed me about her as a person is how she made a clear attempt to connect with each person she met in a very personal and one on one way,
On a slightly different note-- Oh, the amazing power of beauty and celebrity-- I was hanging out with a cool (and very hot) guy I know from around town and he's standing there, beer in hand, and leans close to my ear and whispers "Do you think she would spit into my beer if I asked her to? Because you know, if she did, I would drink it. That's nasty huh? I would, I'd do it! Do you think I'm nasty? "
Uh, yeah... ;)


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