Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clown Day Afternoon

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Was on a job last week at a local hospital and while waiting for my contact saw this odd little scene, so out of context with the happy, silly gregariousness you expect whenever a clown is around. Did you know that there are a enormous number of people who have a real fear of clowns? It's called Coulrophobia. Someone has even devoted an amusing blog to the topic called ihateclowns.

ADDENDUM: I just logged into Yahoo and this was the headline on my news page!Ask Yahoo What are the chances?!


Blogger Grumblecat said...

I often say I am afraid of clowns, but the real truth is I just find them disturbing and for some reason I get a seedy feeling from every male clown and I don't know why. Might be the Gacy thing but I am not sure.

(btw pay attention to how many serial killers and other evil people have the middle name Wayne, it is eerie).

2:49 PM  

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