Sunday, December 04, 2005

Party Party Party

Had a job shooting a big party the other night and though it started out slowly, as parties often do, by the end the joint was hoppin'! They had four floors of the most amazing food and drink, beautiful decor, everyone in fancy clothes looking beautiful, handsome and polished-- and an outdoor rooftop discoteque. At the point a couple hours passed and a few drinks took effect people were tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention for photos, even dragging me by the hand to their favorite people and putting on quite a show too. I love that stuff. It just makes the night so much fun for me too!


Blogger debizano said...

Lovely photo Charr. And I know what you mean about being dragged about for photo ops...I've found that those people enjoy having their pictures taken, and they're usually the best ones of the bunch. *grin*

3:41 PM  

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