Thursday, March 30, 2006

Street Drum Corps


Herd 'em in, herd 'em out... so it was all night long as 13 bands took one of two stages alternating one after the other during the Taste of Chaos show at Arco Arena last night, which I shot for
This trio of photos represents my favorite performance by far of the night-- The Street Drum Corps. It way too short but it stands out in my mind as the most memorable. They were on the 2005 Warp Tour and quickly became a crowd favorite and even the lead singer for The Used, Bert McCracken, joined in during the tour, which of course added to the draw.
Street Drum Corps were the second of two instrumental offerings last night, both on a poorly lit second stage. The Street Drum Corps came out in artfully ragged clothes, faces done up war-paint style and they all played drums on nearly anything BUT a traditional drum. Items included metal pipes, a fire extinguisher, pans and cans of all sizes. Their beats were fun and playful, melodic and sophisticated-- from a sweet tickling to a hard and edgy grinder on a metal barrell. They have something to say and they perform it with true theatrics. What was weird was there were all these photographers around all just watching mesmerized but the only ones shooting were K and I.
Check out the emusiconnect site when you get a chance-- the gallery is chock full of great shows and the site is an incredible resource for entertainment information including hundreds of local bands and venues.


Anonymous knitti-me said...

Anxiously awaiting pics from Karin's wedding!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Drunk Groupie said...

That's awesome. I interviewed them in Long Beach, CA. Check out my blog!

2:45 PM  

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