Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Black Crowes

Had the pleasure of going to The Black Crowes the other night at Sleep Train. Just me, a couple friends and my point and shoot camera. I say all the time I hate the thing, and I do probably because I'm so darn spoiled, it's not even funny! As fate would have it we ended up in the center at the rail for the entire show, very cool and as close as you can get without being in the security guards lap!

So let's talk about attraction. I've heard a lot of giggling and verbal patter over the last few days about The Black Crowes and the possibility of Kate Hudson being in the audience because her husband is lead singer Chris Robinson. Hudson is a female heartthrob, the darling daughter of the adorable Goldie Hawn right? Robinson is not pretty but he's got that something that made her swoon from the moment they came in contact with each other. Yes, philosophical Charr is here today thinking about attraction and the duality of it. I know some people who are determined to find the exact physical type they crave and they will settle for nothing less-- they hold a list of specific ideals in their hopeful hands. I admit I'm often attracted by the physicality at first glance but more often than not that is really inspiration in disguise. "I am swayed by beauty" to quote an old acquaintance. Beauty makes me feel and think as an artist. But so does quirky, odd and different, and anything extreme like a body covered in tattoos for a quick example.
But for me, when all is said and done it's energy, sweetness, intelligence, attention and connection that is the greatest aphrodisiac. I'm guessing that Kate would agree-- nothing else even comes close.

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