Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man of La Mancha at Music Circus

Left to right: Kevin Ligon as Sancho Panza, Valerie Perri as Aldonza and Walter Charles as Don Quixote in the 2009 Music Circus production of “Man of La Mancha” at the Wells Fargo Pavilion August 11-16, 2009.
Riveting even at this early stage. Today I shot the publicity stills for Man of La Mancha at Music Circus and I am now sooo looking forward to seeing it for real!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Doubt!

Where's the thesaurus, how many ways can you say amazing...
No Doubt at Sleep Train Ampitheatre tonight was a delicious feast of music and the irrepressible Gwen Stefani. I'm working on a gallery of images and more about the show to come so stay tuned!
To see more pics soon go to emusiconnect
Live Nation

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jezebel Jett Redux

Still furthering my exploration of the painterly way in imagery and sharing it as I go. xo, :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guys and Dolls at Music Circus rocks my boat!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

FFFashion, there's a little animal in all of us!

Born Free USA recently sponsored a Fur Free Fashion competition that invited designers worldwide to create something fabulous to wear. The winning piece was a gorgeous winter white jacket and I spent a couple hours in the studio with the model making some really wonderful photos. But of course it was also an art piece waiting to happen, that really did happen!

Altar Boyz, Into the Woods at Music Circus

Jump on over to the Wells Fargo Pavillion and get your ticket now for this super fun and funny show with performances through Sunday night! And that's what is happening this week.

But next week, already in production is Into the Woods. It's a wry fairy tale musical filled with action and adventure! With amazing music by Stephen Sondheim this show answers the question... what happens after "happily ever after" to Jack, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood to name a few.
That's Yvette Cason as The Witch and Jeffry Denman as the Baker and Vicki Lewis as the Baker’s Wife in the inset photo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jezebel Jett, Sac City Rollers, fundraising baby!

My enthusiastic derby girl friend Kim aka Jezebel Jett and I had some fun just hanging around the corner on 24th and N Street yesterday. What else do you do on a hot summer day while wearing skates and an over the top prom dress? I've been shooting pics of some of the Sac City Roller girls for a few years now and donated several art pieces to their fund-raising cause because...
The Sac City Rollers are having their first art show, which will feature art from their talented Derby Girls and local artists-- including yours truly!
This is a free event open to family and friends, so invite everyone you know! They'll have free food and drinks too!
It's Friday, July 17th at 7:00pm at Bites and Bikes, located at 1013 12th Street (between J and K), Sacramento, CA 95814
Now go have fun! Click here for more information.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Altar Boys at Music Circus!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

American Idols

I loved American Idol on TV this season. I marveled at the brazen cheekiness of the off-key wannabe's who had a dream and a spark of hope. I delighted at the cream that rose to the top and voted for my faves with everyone else. Last week the tour came to Sacramento and I sat down with four of them for a chat-- on video-- for emusiconnect.
Kris, Danny, Scott and Matt were great to chat with (and I toyed with the idea of calling the piece "Giggling and chatting..." because you can hear me, yikes).
Watch the video and check out the live concert pictures in the gallery at eMusiConnect.
The show was great. The crowd chanting "Noop Noop Noop", Allison, the teenage powerhouse belting it out, Matt and Scott rising from below stage with dueling pianos, Lil strutting and electrifying and so much more. Adam sang his incredible version of Mad World and Kris, the winner, showed why he won. He has a great style but when he picked up his guitar he started to glow and all the passion and joy inside him poured out in an audible, visual gush. It's good to be in the photo pit. :)
It's not the easy way as Kris told me. They work their ass off. But it's the experience of a lifetime for these folks.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


First show of the 2009 season at Music Circus, incredibly fun!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello Beautiful, I mean Beyonce!

90 seconds.
That's how long we were allowed to shoot Beyonce at Arco Arena tonight.

90 seconds. It felt like 10.

When the lights dimmed the crowd rose to their feet, the energy in the arena swelled and her silhouette quietly appeared as she stood on the stage awash in smoke and backlighting, microphone in hand... and then the lights hit her, Beyonce. And I am not one to be starstruck. But in that moment, bathed in bright, white, radiant light she stood golden and more beautiful than any woman I think I have ever seen. And what a voice.

90 seconds to capture it. Impossible.

See the gallery of pics at

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Carol Channing and a delighted audience!

Carol Channing was at Music Circus last night for the opening of Thoroughly Modern Millie. She's promoting "Carol Channing and Friends," a benefit in support of her Foundation for the Arts and for the nonprofit California Musical Theatre. It's on August 31st.
It was really something watching her come down the aisle. She's extraordinary. Just listening to her talk is delightful, whimsical entertainment!
And that's CMT Executive Producer Richard Lewis escorting her down the aisle with her husband Harry Kullijian following just behind. Harry is at her side everywhere she goes. They are such a doting couple and though they didn't get married until 2003 they were high school sweethearts.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Living Legend, Carol Channing

What a day, what a day! Had the honor of meeting and photographing the legendary Carol Channing over at the Music Circus theatre today. Was there for publicity stills with the Altar Boyz (wowie! pics later) and stuck around for the press interviews Carol was giving. She's going to be there July 7th, opening night for Thoroughly Modern Millie, to open the show. What a fascinating woman to watch and listen to. I wish I was taking notes because she is incredibly fun, quotable, passionate, unexpected and with the sweetest thing to say to anyone she comes in contact with. It was incredible just being in the room with her!

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