Friday, February 24, 2006

Go ahead, ask the question... :)

I only THINK I know the answer... Shot a big event for one of my regular clients today and Joe, the darling man who puts together their events is the uber party thrower. Seriously, big holy cow kinds of events, decor, food, entertainment! So this one had a Cirque Du Soleil theme with the most wonderful costumed performers doing acts of daring and skill or just mesmerizing to look at in their simple beauty... This was one of four performers on four separate platforms in the ballroom, each with a spotlight, doing whatever their personal thing was. What I love about this photo is the timing of the shadow that leaves a dark slash over the eyes... so dramatic! Granted, part of this event was an awards ceremony-- shake hands and say cheese-- but the rest of it, oh my, I could have spent all day shooting these deliciously avant garde, colorful performers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bullets and Romance

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Bullets and Romance had their CD release party at the Underground in Roseville last Friday night and wowie, great turn out even on a stormy night. Lot's of energy, great new songs and some heavy weights in the audience too taking the guys in. Bullets and Romance are incredible, really talented guys! I can't wait to see how things develop for them! Had fun hanging out and meeting lot's of interesting people.

A very important photographer used to set up a studio and send his scouts out to find interesting people at county fairs and such to photograph on the spot. Some very unexpected people made for incredible subjects. Sometimes I think about things like that when I am out and about in social situations and how satisfying it could be-- I see so many people who look incredible, perfect as they are just ready to be quietly immortalized in that perfect hip hugging pair of jeans, crazy hair-do or trendy beautiful mess that they rolled out of the house as...

All greased up with somewhere to go

Marcus, the aspiring male model... Nice for me to shoot sexy photos of a man for a change! Turns out that spray cooking oil is just the thing to make skin all shiny and beautiful. (Nice job on that Paula!) But we did lot's more than that. We also spent some time on location at a local park doing some basketball action shots too, lot's of fun.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nude or not, it's in the eye of the beholder...

At what point do you cross the line from nude to not nude? It's because of myspace of course that the question even comes up. They have a no nudity policy for photos that are posted. I have zero argument with that. It's just that a new phrase has now come up-- "Can you myspace'em?" Because yes, once posted the world will see them and myspace likes to keep it clean! Joanna, the lovely model for these images is not nude. She looks nude, yes. However, she is wearing latex-- not much of it, but it covers all the important parts. Paula, my amazing friend the make-up artist painstakingly applied the latex in a delicate design and we had lots of fun from there! Before Joanna left today she had already changed her myspace profile photo to one of these. Gotta love digital!
As we were doing the light sabre set it felt so 1000 BC Meets 3001, A Space Odyssey. Trippy.
If you want to view a mini slide show of images from this shoot go to my other blog RED HOT MARBLES.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Inspiration and Germination...

Singer Songwriter Larisa Bryski posed for these photos last year. Sometimes it takes awhile for an art piece to germinate in my fertile brain. I've had the original photo in my head for awhile, knowing it would lend itsself to something. Last night she was one of the hosts at the Jammies (with the very charming Mark Gilmore) and I kept hearing her song "Butterflies" spinning around in my brain. Today I dug into the archives for the studio pic of her and while looking through the location stuff we did found one image with a butterfly too-- voila! A perfect match for a good starting point then I just zoned out and kept on playing. I don't know how long I sat and tweaked this thing but there are many variations now, this being my final favorite.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just a sliver of light is all you need...

Shot pics a few days ago of Brian Wheat with his Hofner Bass and this one image just struck me as being so unusual with the sliver of light quality. It was pretty cool on it's own but then I continued-- being the kaleidescope nut that I am-- and went a bit further. This is the simplest technique but it has so much impact. I'm enjoying the color scheme as well. It feels deep and warm.
I discovered something about myself recently. Now and then someone will ask what my favorite color is. I invariably think of red, tourquoise, magenta and such. But it turns out that what I am actually drawn to more than anything these days is green, all kinds of lush, delicious greens. The second I see a beautiful green I'm drawn right to it and want to touch it, feel the texture, drink it in with my eyes too. It's funny too because long ago I remember a friend telling me his favorite color was green and I thought-- why? I didn't get it at all then. Now I do, most dramatically.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gorgeous women

Just can't get enough of gorgeous women! I shot this beautiful woman last night so she'd have sexy photos as a Valentines gift for her fiancee. There's a fantabulous sex kitten in all of us!


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