Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Portrait of Sarah

It's not always wise to go into a photo shoot, especially a portrait session, with no idea what you are going to do but it's more often than not my normal modus operandi. I enjoy discovering people on the spot, allowing the unexpected. Occasionally I may have the vaguest idea of a starting place but where we end up will almost always be anyone's guess... and so it was on this shoot. We started with sweetness and sparkling white daisies. Somehow we traveled far from a simple pretty to more of a goth-like image, using the sample section of a wrought iron fence that a friend gave me as the main prop. Add some beautiful light and a fading rose and a really interesting photo began to take shape.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Vacation 2007!

In late September 2007 me and a wonderful group of friends embarked on an intense two week vacation starting in swinging London and ending in the lush hills of Tuscany. We managed nearly a country a day for the first week and finally wobbled tired but happy to a villa in Tuscany, which served as home base for the second week. I put together a book of our incredible journey and this movie is a small view of the gigantic and memorable journey.

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