Monday, October 25, 2010

Heart Throb Justin Bieber at Arco Arena
Justin Bieber! OMG!!! Thank you Steve, my security guard friend, who gave me a pair of ear plugs to help drown out the screams of the thousands of girls at Arco Arena for their favorite teenage heartthrob-- Justin Bieber! He's awesome, he's fun, he puts on a show! Gallery of performance photos up soon at Not to be left out was a striking performance by opening band Burnham. Also, Sean Kingston, really impressed me with his laid back manner and great vocals.
I got to the show early just to wander the crowd a bit and shot pics of excited fans on their way in. See them HERE as a well as a few fan photos from inside the arena.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shakira at Arco Arena, Sacramento
Hot, Dazzling, Shimmering, Sweet, Sexy, Dynamic. Shakira in concert at Arco Arena last night was absolutely wonderful. The arena swelled with anticipation the second the lights went down signaling her arrival. Then there she was, walking slowly through the crowd in a beautiful pink dress, singing sweetly, mike in hand. Suddenly a wall of raised arms and cell phones began trying to capture a glimpse of the beautiful Shakira anyway they could. Meanwhile, the photographers, myself included were jockeying for position to get a few photos even with our powerful lenses aimed right at her. Challenging but still exciting. Shakira can warm even the iciest heart with her wonderful voice and her boundless energy as she walks, jumps, runs and dances completely filling the enormous stage with a power and a spirit that shows why she's a luminescent star.
Gallery up soon!

di Rosa Museum Collection Show

I am so thrilled and honored to be included in this exhibit with the likes of Imogen Cunningham, Eugene Richards and Judy Dater! Please check out this press release about this wonderful show at the di Rosa Museum in Napa Valley October 30th, 2010 thru January 29th, 2011. It's called Know the Rules and Break Them. You will see some amazing work in this unique selection from the di Rosa Collection, some rarely seen!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Swanky Bunny

I was recently the subject for a spotlight video for CA Workshops. Super fun time doing a studio photo shoot of the beautiful Gabriella while trying to ignore two video cameras walking circles around us and videotaping the whole thing. Then a couple more hours talking about my work, showing my studio and workspace and then creating a finished product/art piece from the shoot, which you see here-- Swanky Bunny. :) Initially we were kind of going for a steampunk/goth look but once the bunny ears (from my Burning Man Billion Bunny March experience) went on it kind of changed the mood. All I could think of were the cartoon swinkies you see advertised and it just stuck.
As for being taped for the video... I can talk a lot... and FAST. And I did! Woah, slow down there little lady. eek. ;)
I'm not used to appearing in front of the camera, that's for sure but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks to Jeff and Chris at CA Workshops who made it easy and fun!
If you haven't stopped by the site be sure to go there. It's a great resource, a huge wealth of videos dedicated to teaching about photography-- anything you want to know can be found there. I'll keep you posted when the video is released, quite curious myself. ;) We probably spent about six hours over two days and the video will probably be 10-20 minutes at most-- more than enough really! It's amazing how much time and work goes into that kind of thing. Can't wait to see it!
CA Workshops

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